Custom Tattoo Art

I will only accept tattoos that will take two hours or more. 

For custom artwork I will be charging a non refundable artist fee (this is in addition to the hourly cost of the tattoo work). The amount depends on the detail level and size of the art. But generally it would be between $100-$200.

My hourly rate is $200 before taxes

I have a 2 hour minimum session requirement. 
That means you must book at least a 2 hour session or be willing to pay the difference if your tattoo takes less than 2 hours

Why I charge an artist fee

Designing a custom tattoo piece is a time consuming process and I want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you want and know what you are getting before you come in for your tattoo appointment. I want you to have the time to think about your tattoo without the pressure of having to make a choice on the day of your tattoo appointment. 

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The design process and what you get


Either in person or my email to figure out exactly what you are looking for. Please provide any reference photos or extra information about your inspiration for the tattoo.

During this step we will book the tattoo appointment and I will charge you the non refundable design fee.


I will create a rough sketch of the overall composition.

You will get a chance to give me feedback and to make a change.

You will only get one revision during this step so please be clear about any changes you want.

Final drawing

After making any changes needed in the sketch step I make a final drawing.

You will have another chance to make a change.

Only one change is included in this step. If you need more revisions it will cost more.

The final drawing will NOT include any shading or fine details. All fine detail and shading will be done freehand. The tattoo itself is the real final version of the artwork.


Come in and get your custom tattoo!

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