Jill the musician

I started playing music when I was 14 and would steal my brother's acoustic guitar. I taught myself and, to my older brother's annoyance, quickly surpassed his ability. I think if there is any one thing that has come naturally to me it is music. I started with guitar then after about 10 years of that I taught myself the cello which lead to learning that most instruments are basically the same once you learn how to make a noise with them. I have never valued high technical proficiency and could even be called sloppy. But I wouldn't want it any other way. I like music that is a little rough around the edges, a little imperfect, like myself.  These are some music projects that I've been involved in. 

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Started with a guitar Jeff Shannon (my favorite collaborator) found in the garbage. We tried to see if you could make music the the guitar just as it was found. Completely out of tune and with only 4 strings. In the end we tweaked the tuning a little but just so we could recreate the song and could "tune" the guitar. 

This was our place to get weird and for quiet Jeff to scream. 

Drums - Jillian

Guitar and vocals - Jeff Shannon

Bass - Cameron Thaut



A collaborative project with Saff Killingsworth. Think black metal meets pop music if that makes any sense. Saff wrote the lyrics and the basic song structures. Jill composed, performed, and recorded all the music (plus some backup vocals). 

Trigger warning: The topic matter is dark and personal and deals with topics of trauma, violence, and abuse. 

Vocals - Saff

Everything else - Jillian



Original name was "Summer Fling Band". At a show I asked Kevin Rainsberry (of RVIVR) if he wanted to start a temporary band for the summer, like just a summer fling. I think the goal was to see just how fast Kevin could play the drums. It lasted longer than the summer and we were quickly joined by Cassie and Orion, giving us the name J.O.C.K. (Jill, Orion, Cassie, Kevin) 

Guitar - Jillian

Bass  - Orion

Vocals - Cassie

Drums  - Kevin



Started as a joke where I tried to make the most ridiculous electro version of my friend's acoustic band, Blackbird Raum. It kind of got out of control as I then move on to cover all sort of my friend's punk bands and ruining their wonderful music that they spent so much time on. It was fun silly nonsense that still makes me smile. 

Almost everything - Jillian

and with contributions (mostly vocally) from many good spirited and talented friends. 

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