Booking priority will be given to designs that feature nude figures, rocks, elementals, weird, animals, and freehand expressive tattooing.  

I have a love for figure drawing and much of my art features the human form combined with other elements. I have a lot of experience with plants, but prefer to tattoo things like trees and rocks over flowers. I will not be taking any tattoos for just a plant that is not combined with other elements. 


My hourly rate is $175 before taxes

Two hour minimum session
That means you must book at least a 2 hour session or be willing to pay the difference if your tattoo takes less than 2 hours

All of my tattoo work is charged by the hour unless otherwise specified.

I am a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Washington and I have been tattooing for over 10 years.


I work at Lilith Tattoo in Fremont, Seattle

Lilith Tattoo is a queer tattoo and art studio. Home to experienced tattooers and artists with varied styles and mediums. Together we work to represent and support LGBTQ, POC, and other intersectional artists within our space.

From my flash

For flash designs and art given to me by you there is no artist fee. I will be offering a new flash designs as often as I can draw them and I will never tattoo the same flash design twice (unless two friends want the same design and agree to that)

Check out my Instagram for most recent flash designs @jillian.chaplin

Custom artwork

For custom artwork I will be charging a non refundable artist fee

If you are requesting a custom design read about my design process BEFORE filling out the form.

Design process - READ ME

Did you read about my custom design process?

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