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Custom Tattooing

Designed for you and for your body

How it works

There are three main phases for custom tattoo designs


I also post my original flash designs on Instagram @Jillian.Chaplin

I never tattoo the same design twice

(unless the clients know each other and want matching tattoos)

My tattoo style seamlessly melds the terrifying beauty of the natural world with the vulnerability and strength expressed through bare bodies. Collaborating closely with my clients, I ensure that each piece is a unique, never-to-be-repeated work of art. Every composition is meticulously crafted to convey a distinct and evocative aesthetic, deliberately designed to work best for your body.


I work mostly in BLACK & GREY. Some of my favorite things to tattoo are: human figures, plants, animals, organic elements, trees, and surreal things. I have a preference for larger tattoos, but will take on smaller pieces as well. 


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